[News] Updates v4 - 01/11/2017

Maintenance: Server Updates v5

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[News] Updates v4 - 11/26/2016

Maintenance: Server Updates v4

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[News] Divine Archangel Christmas Package

We are giving away 5 Divine Archangel Weapons this Christmas. Promo runs November 25 - December 25 only. Those who will purchase these Divine Weapons will get +11+28+Luck+4 Desired Options of your choice. Mail BEATRIX in game and each weapon will cost 10,000 PHP.

Merry Christmas to all from Masters MU Online.

1 Divine Weapon left!

4 Divine Sword of Archangel sold.

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[News] Updates v3 - 11/21/2016

Maintenance: Server Updates v3

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[News] Updates v2 - 11/15/2016

Maintenance: Server Updates v2

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